Duvall Days – Start to Our 2019 Festival Series!

Saturday was our first race and learn-to-fly booth in our 2019 Festival Series collaboration with our home chapter FPV Racing Seattle. We had a really great time and a ton of interest.

The field we flew was 150’x80′, and next to it we had an area dedicated to the pilot pit and the DiD Learn-to-Fly awareness and education booth.

The DiD booth was very busy. People were coming up to it all day asking about the different kinds of drones (many of which we had on a display table for them to see and touch), drone safety, drone rules and regulations, and how to fly them. We taught many people how to fly a small micro drone.

During the races, we had a TV set up with all four pilot videos streaming, and the DiD FPV goggles out for people to watch as a pilot’s view would be. During the races we continued to answer questions about drones and had an interested and engaged audience trickling in from the main street of Duvall Days.

Below are two videos of the day. The first was done by Nate Payne, a contributing member of the org, and the second was done by the Treasurer and Race Coordinator of FPV Racing Seattle, Roger Ma. Underneath that is a gallery of photos from the day.